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Production of metal products

Production of metal products as a full service starting from developing metal products  to the finishing of metal parts and structures.

Our services include welding services, manufacture of metal structures, metal sawing, metal cutting, metal stamping, turning and milling, hot dip galvanizing, custom-made metalwork and manufacturing metal products to subcontracts.

Welding of metal: welding and welding of stainless steel

Welding of metal is an important part of the metalworking process. When welding metal, the metal structure is fused together. Our welding services are for example:

  • aluminum welding;
  • welding of steel;
  • welding of stainless steel.


Protection of metal structures and finishing of metal products: hot dip galvanizing and powder coating

Hot dip galvanizing is a corrosion protection treatment of a metal, during which the metal product is coated with a zinc layer. Powder coatingserves the purpose of both protecting the metal product as well as finishing the metal product. We offer both galvanizing and powder coating with all the steps involved.

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Transportation and project-based logistics of metal products

We make sure that our metal products, metal constructions and metal parts are transported to our customer as quickly, conveniently and safely as possible. We provide a secure packaging solution for the ordered metal product and, if necessary, arrange the delivery of a custom-sized metal construction to the right place at the right time for the customer.