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Shot blasting or scraping, extends the life of a metal by removing scales, oils, slag, rust, corrosion and other debris from the metal surface. Scraping hardens the surface of the metal, thereby increasing the contact area and improving adhesion to the finishing layers applied to the surface. Thanks to the shot blasting perfectly adhesive finishes increase the durability of the product and extend its life. To ensure a high quality finish, we clean the metal by grinding, both before welding and before finishing it with powder or wet coating. Chamber dimensions 16m x 5m x h4m.

Hot dip galvanizing is a corrosion protection treatment of a metal, during which the metal product is coated with a zinc layer. After galvanizing, the surface of the zinc should be cleaned to prevent the formation of oxide on the zinc surface. The oxide layer on the zinc surface makes the surface slippery and reduces the adhesion of paint. To ensure product durability, it is advisable to coat the zinc layer with a powder coating, this will prevent the zinc layer from diminishing when exposed to the environment (sun, corrosion, mechanical contact). The galvanizing service is provided to us by SIA “Baltic Zinc Technics”.

Wet painting or liquid painting. We mainly use paints supplied to us by our long-term partner Teknos OÜ. Our wet dye professional painters have also undergone in-service training on the colors we use. Our experts can always help with the choice of the right color and method of painting. Dimensions of the chamber 24m x 5m x h4m.

Powder coating serves the purpose of both protecting the metal as well as finishing the metal product. The powder is applied to the metal product with a special paint gun, which gives the powder a charge, which in turn ensures good paint overlap. The powder coated product is then heated in an oven at 180 to 200 ° C. Upon heating, the powder melts and chemically unites to form a strong and durable layer. After cooling, the paint adheres to the metal and the paint layer has reached its final strength. The dimensions of our oven are 1700 (width) x 2350 (height) x 6900 (length).

The advantages of powder coating:

  • Even layered and high quality paint
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Quick availability on the painted detail

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