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Durable and long lasting pasture products.

Pasture products must meet strong requirements: they must be easy to clean, easy to transport and durable. These products must in no way endanger or damage the livestock.

Quality pasture products can be obtained from Adrem.

We provide aluminum collection fences and feed rings for sheep. Aluminum collection fences and feed rings are strong, lightweight and can also be moved by the hostess alone. Our aluminum fences with strong disc connections make it possible to change the angle of the gardens, and round-footed gardens are easy to drag across the pasture. The aluminum feed ring is connected to the fences by strong disc connections.
In addition, we have long-term experience in manufacturing easily transfered metal shelters for animals. The shed is intended for use on natural soft-grass pastures to protect cattle and other animals and can be moved by dragging it with a tractor. 

Products for livestock buildings.

We produce horse boxes designed with powder coated metal and wooden decoration. For horse boxes we offer doors opening on the rails or hinges.
For sheep racks we offer 35 mm diameter solid aluminum separator enclosures. The enclosures are disc-mountable and easily transportable. 

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Adrem is a renowned pasture products manufacturer.

Adrem’s long experience as a manufacturer of quality pasture products has made us a recognized and valued partner throughout Europe. Take a look at our range and ask for more information.

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